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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The end of a year and 2015 sees the start of something truely evil for...

my loyal Absurd Army members.

The year of 2014 was one of insignificance in number.  It was a year of utter importance in line of the five promised books, it was the year of the release of the much anticipated Can Tea Really Make You Invisible?  And a much quieter year online  from yours truly.

My absence was caused by a few factors:

1)  I was writing.
2)  I was practicing magic and dimensional/time jumping.
3)  I was in your bedroom touching your closed eyes as you slept.
4)  I was working with a creative friend of mine on some future merch.
5)  I was and have been working on the resurrection of Simply Gary... but that's just a little side thing.  Forget about it.  Don't ask me about it.  I will not answer.  SHH, God damn it!

2015 is a year of freshnesss and restoration.  I will continue to work on Absurdly Disturbing Tales and my late husband... stop going on about it!  Geesh!  Get off my fucking case!  There are a few surprises in the pipeline, one of which, as long as I can source the materials, promises to be an opportunity for you to own something truly special... and potentially life-changing... in a very evil way.  More to follow on that little venture when I have made my first prototype.

Have an absurd Christmas, worship yourself, fuck the world, and drink in that life that you have.  Easier said than done for some, I appreciate that, but try not to let the shit drag you down.  There are miracles out there, there are friends to be made, there is music to listen to.


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