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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Hello human reader,

I do not appologise for the long break in my communication, nor do I appologise for the length of time it will be between now and my next communication.

After the loss of many months of work on my horror book, my pattern of work was snapped, broken, disrupted, and although I foresaw the error that would cause the lost of my work, I became distracted by the resurrection of my dead husband, Simply Gary.

Do not fret, this is not the last you will hear from me, but there will be a long wait.  I am working on things behind the scenes and I am actually writing a new project under a pseudonym (I hear that not using your real name when doing some sort of art project is liberating) which I will only share once complete.

Time lines have been broken.  2020 may not be the end.  The future is unknow.  UnNoa.  Know.  Knowbody can no the future.  The future is one that Noa Knows.  Our art is our message.  Our message is from the soul.  It is cerebral.

Peace and hatred,

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The end of a year and 2015 sees the start of something truely evil for...

my loyal Absurd Army members.

The year of 2014 was one of insignificance in number.  It was a year of utter importance in line of the five promised books, it was the year of the release of the much anticipated Can Tea Really Make You Invisible?  And a much quieter year online  from yours truly.

My absence was caused by a few factors:

1)  I was writing.
2)  I was practicing magic and dimensional/time jumping.
3)  I was in your bedroom touching your closed eyes as you slept.
4)  I was working with a creative friend of mine on some future merch.
5)  I was and have been working on the resurrection of Simply Gary... but that's just a little side thing.  Forget about it.  Don't ask me about it.  I will not answer.  SHH, God damn it!

2015 is a year of freshnesss and restoration.  I will continue to work on Absurdly Disturbing Tales and my late husband... stop going on about it!  Geesh!  Get off my fucking case!  There are a few surprises in the pipeline, one of which, as long as I can source the materials, promises to be an opportunity for you to own something truly special... and potentially life-changing... in a very evil way.  More to follow on that little venture when I have made my first prototype.

Have an absurd Christmas, worship yourself, fuck the world, and drink in that life that you have.  Easier said than done for some, I appreciate that, but try not to let the shit drag you down.  There are miracles out there, there are friends to be made, there is music to listen to.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Bubblegum Body Snatchers

In my humble opinion Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 is one of the best horror/sci-fi films ever.  You got that?  Ever!  Yeah, I know there are loads of other movies out there, but I am not talking about them.
For the upcoming masterpiece Absurdly Disturbing Tales I wanted to include an homage to that tale, and I have done it.  A brilliant little story called  Bubblegum Body Snatchers, a happy young man is about to be replaced by a doppelganger, thanks to bubblegum from space!  Lots of bones breaking, veins and agony in this one... plus it is the first one I have worked on in this series of stories that features some of my more 'classic' surreal humor, as opposed to the bleak, shocking and disturbing horror.

Simply Christmas

He is here in my living room.  Magnificent.  His lips are dry and his hair is not so.
We will be ready to talk at Christmas.
He weeps from his eyes and the scars.
He is Simply wonderful.
Simply Gary

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kobalt the Klown removed from Fakebook!

My friend Kobalt and I go waaaaaay back.  Further back than memory.  Further back than time.  We have been in many dimensions, including a very painful stint in a place where we were four dimensional.

Mysteriously, after posting a video featuring human shapeshifters (likely to be the Reptilian Elites that rule this unenlightened and ignorant planet) Kobalt was deleted from Fakebook.  Go take a look.  He is gone.  I looked into my message history with this delightful Klown and there is a note that explains that I am unable to reply to Kobalt anymore.

Now, I feel worried that the same fate will fall for me.  Time will tell.

Fakebook doesn't like Klowns, but it is ok to share images of dead kids.

Kobalt will continue to do his thing on


Monday, 20 October 2014

Another story complete for Absurdly Disturbing Tales... a little erotic number called..

.. The Black Tabard was completed this week.  

My first and certainly not my last erotic story.  The tale is of a man who works as a cleaner, who falls for another cleaner who wears a black tabard.  I am not going to give much else away.

Meanwhile, I have been working with one of many men I would love to wreck, Karl Kiddie, on a film of his.  He has even cast me in the film too.  The film is called The Visitor and is set to be made available via YouTube on Halloween night.

'Simply' Gary stirs.  I have finished stirring him.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Someone wants to translate one of my books into Chinese

I have been approached by a man who would like to work with me and translate one of my books into Chinese.
I like Chinese humans.  I like most humans really.

I will be talking more with these people about the translation of my book.  If it all works well I will perhaps look into more translation work.  Let's wait and see and see and wait and see the weight of the price that needs to be paid.

If the weight of pay is light and not to far out to sea and the wait for this weight is not too far then I will take it further and farther.