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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Progress and planning of the new book is going

faster that I had anticipated.

My heart (I think I have a heart - I have an organ that allows blood to flow around my body at least) had been set on the book of conspiracies and monsters and anomalies on Earth, but the time was not right.

With the recent retrieval of my dead husband. 'Simply' Gary, it felt more natural to go down a more horror filled path, and work on the book of horror stories that my nan used to read to me.

I have been having a break for the past month, focussing on reading instead of creating.  It has been blissful, and inspiring, and has left me bursting at the seams with creative juices and energy.

Restoration of the book is going well, the aim was to have the book finished in 2016, but it could be ready for a draft print before the end of next year, the year of 2015.  Official release will then be around the start of 2016.

With the pre-release of Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? I gave a free badge away and signed each book with a personal message.  With Absurdly Disturbing Tales I am hoping to have something a bit more special in line for the first ten people who pre-order.  We'll have to wait and see.

Restoration of 'Simply' Gary is going well.  He is still unable to talk, but I can still hear him.  I can't seem to avoid that insistent voice.  He seems sad.  Blames me for his death.  It was a bear though.  Another two weeks and I believe that 'Simply' Gary will be ready for rehabilitation

and if you are reading this then you must be a fan... So I have some information that is just for you... the free copies of my books will not contain ALL of the story.  To find out the full story, then you will need to buy the book.  This isn't so that I make money, it is to ensure that my grand scheme is complete and successful.  SHHHHHH

Monday, 22 September 2014

Never and forever

Never is infinite.  It will 'never' happen.
Forever is infinite.  It will happen 'forever'.

With this in mind, something that is going on never is going on forever.

Loops are forever and I am trying really hard to break one, but so far it seems that I can never stop it.
The fourth book will perhaps help this by never ever letting it begin.

Last night I am sure that 'Simply' Gary spoke.  It was in my head, obviously.  He is dead.  His lips are gone.  Still, you never know. Or did I always know.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Nothing really

Today I will be mostly 

I am not doing anything.  'Simply' is almost done, but I am not sure how he is going to respond when he wakes.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The start of the Absurdly Disturbing Tales is

written.  It already feels so right.  It was supposed to happen this way.  The voice of 'Simply' Gary has never been louder.  I will begin to put him together soon.

I am keeping myself isolated more than ever these days.  Nobody cares about what I do anymore anyway and this suits me fine.  I will not let it get in the way of my work or my final goal.  By the time the fifth book is released in 2020 I will be done, thy will be done.

Been muggy in Belfast over the past couple of days.  At this moment in time I am developing moisture on my face.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The cover to my third book "Absurdly Disturbing Tales" and the dark magic within.

And so, with around two years to go, this is a draft version of the cover to my next release.  As I look through the pages of stories that my nan used to read to me I feel afraid.  There is a dark energy in those pages.  Dark supernatural energy.  I can feel it in my veins.  Most of the words are illegible, hidden amongst rips and stains, or ghosted by weathered and worn fading.  I will continue to decipher these tales, and do my best to learn the magic that is concealed within.  This magic will be transcribed into the eventual finished release.

'Simply' Gary is reconstructed.

Time for tea.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

How the hell do you use Google +

I have travelled through time, dimensions, and even beyond - into realms that the human mind couldn't contemplate, even if the human in question's mind was as big as a fucking universe.  And yet, Google + is beyond me.

Legend has told me that it is better than Fakebook, a more 'mature' and welcoming social network... time will tell.  This is my first foray into what I consider 'the unknown' and it frightens me.

It doesn't really.

Skin is a bit dry today.

Loneliness and the fourth book

After finishing Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? I felt somewhat drained, not bursting with the energy that I expected, or the energy that I really needed.  I planned to immediately knuckle down and focus on the third book in my series of five promised books, but didn't get the vibe.  There was a craving, oh, a strong craving, but it wasn't right.

With this feeling of disjointedness I set about a bout of rage.  I went to a shop, not far from my home, and immediately slapped a member of staff, right across their inadequate face.  The shop?  Tesco.  The face?  A child.  The parents?  Elsewhere.
"Some freaky looking woman is slapping a child over here!" shouted a bad fellow, on the other side of fifty.
I ran from the shop and returned to my home.

Sitting in the living room of my home, I became overwhelmed with loneliness.  I missed the feeling of someone actually liking me, perhaps even loving me.  This had been niggling away at the back of my head from the moment the police arrested me for the murder of my husband. 'Simply' Gary.  A murder that I didn't do.  A murder committed by a big brown bear.

My next book couldn't be the third book as it wouldn't contain the elements needed for my survival, and the prevention of my impending end in 2020.

To break the cycle and provide me with what I need, I began work on restoring the book of ghost stories that was read to me by my nan when I was a child.  Hidden among the words of that book are a dark magic.  A dark magic that will help restore the love I once had.

I sit here now, the rain is falling.  I am looking at my mask on my table, it's grinning at me.  It is mocking my feelings.  Outside, in a bin are the remains of 'Simply' Gary.