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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Hello human reader,

I do not appologise for the long break in my communication, nor do I appologise for the length of time it will be between now and my next communication.

After the loss of many months of work on my horror book, my pattern of work was snapped, broken, disrupted, and although I foresaw the error that would cause the lost of my work, I became distracted by the resurrection of my dead husband, Simply Gary.

Do not fret, this is not the last you will hear from me, but there will be a long wait.  I am working on things behind the scenes and I am actually writing a new project under a pseudonym (I hear that not using your real name when doing some sort of art project is liberating) which I will only share once complete.

Time lines have been broken.  2020 may not be the end.  The future is unknow.  UnNoa.  Know.  Knowbody can no the future.  The future is one that Noa Knows.  Our art is our message.  Our message is from the soul.  It is cerebral.

Peace and hatred,